Your Windows PC is in danger !

We have recently received information about a huge mass of malware injections into every PC that uses Microsoft Windows, and this is all due to a very tiny designing weakness in the system.

This phenomenon is called “AtomBombing Attack” and it consists on abusing the Atom Tables in the system, which basically are a way of storing data on external storage sources. The operation allows modifications to be made on data that’s on your personal computer without letting any anti-malware detect it, no matter how soffisticated it is !

In addition to all that, this operation allows hackers to access your personnal information via browsers and obtain your passwords and everything that should be on a maximum security. But that’s not all, ladies and gentlemen ! Hackers will also be able to modify the content you see on your browsers in any way they want, which makes it even more difficult to figure out whether or not your PC is under attack.




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