Viruses are taking over Social media!

This is a warning to all Internet users! For all those who have received a notification about being tagged in a video that contains a friend’s photo, or even in a simple picture: DO NOT open the video or the links in its description ! It’s a trap! A flow of viruses is being spread all over social media such as Facebook and Twitter , all through messages and Public posts.



You need to watch every step you make while using any social site, as things have gotten a little out of control lately. You may receive a simple message that looks so normal to a point where you don’t get the slightest doubt whether or not it’s a threat for your internet safety.
You can also receive files via privte messages or photos posted on your timeline, and such stuff.. Those may be traps! Do not fall, think before you link.

Here are some tips for protection: Protect yourself from Viruses coming from social media.





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