Top 5 free Steam FPS shooting games.

We have looked up the best 5 FPS free games on steam, and here’s a conclusion:

5- Warmode:


Warmode is an FPS shooting game developed by Warteam. Players have the freedom of choosing between the two sides of the ongoing conflict. Each time you kill an enemy you gain more points, which will be helpful in order for you upgrade your equipment.
There’s a variety of maps and difficulties,  as players have to stick to corners if they want to shoot before getting shot. This takes us to a very important detail, which is the fact that the team that’s the least damaged is the winner.

4- Warface:


This one is a free FPS on Steam, and it’s so worth playing since it resembles Call Of Duty.
In warface, players can either play the competitive or the cooperative mode.
It also goes by the rule of earning points to unlock new equipment and gears.

3- Planetside 2:


This one is a free FPS where soldiers have to come together as one to fight against enemy empires in a planetary war. It includes vehicules and developed weapons, giving the players more choice and freedom when in battles. It’s also a stategic game that requires reflexion and teamwork.

2- Team Fortress 2:


The game has been developed by Valve Corporation. It’s a game that challenges you tactics and reflexion abilities, since it’s not only a shooting FPS, but also a strategic game with some interesting maps and weapons. Two teams will play against eachother, where every player gets a certain mission with certain abilities, in order to get rid of the enemy.

1- Dirtybomb:


Now this one is a must-try game! It gives players to choose up to 3 mercenaries on their team, then switch up between them at any given time. Every mercenary has its own abilities and weapons, so that the choice would be more justified. As you go deep into the game, you own cards that allow you to do your purchases to improve your gear.




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