This guy already remastered Skyrim in 4K and it looks stunning

Imagine yourself playing The Elder Scrolls 5 : Skyrim in 4K already. This is not impossible anymore, as the YouTuber Roger Nunez has developed an unbelievable looking mod which transform completely the PC version of the game into real HD 4K.This video shows off the stunning graphics where snow clad houses, lush green grasses and vastly detailed characters along with their outfits and weapons can be seen.

Also it shows how the mod can work in the night and it looks absolutely fabulous and makes you itch to try it…
Want to download this mod? we provide you with this Link and you can find more screenshots here, but if you’re an Nvidia user, you can download the mod from here.

The Elder Scrolls fans will relish this as a good news as The Elder Scrolls 6 is not in the cards for the near future. Todd Howard, the Bethesda boss, however confirmed that their team is working on the next Elder Scrolls title but said “it’s a long way off.”

We hope that you guys enjoyed this review of the mod, keep gaming.