The Pokémon Go-Map project reveals the location of every Pokémon around you

Finding all the best and most rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go requires a lot of walking and a fair bit of luck. Confronted with the prospect of exercise, some players have taken to their computers to develop an alternative. There’s a project underway to create a tool that can show you every Pokémon near you on a live map. If you don’t mind a little bit of fiddling with software, it totally works. Is it cheating? Maybe.

Pokémon Go has a nearby feature that’s supposed to give you a general feel for which Pokémon are close and which direction they might be. However, that has been broken for more than a week now. Developer Ahmed Almutawa wondered if there was a way to query the servers to extract more data than was displayed in the official game. It turns out, yes, a lot more.

The Pokémon Go-Map project, hosted on Git Hub, can chart the real-time locations of all nearby Pokémon on a map. Each one has an icon of the Pokémon, and clicking on it tells you how long until it disappears from that location. We’ve done a little testing in the name of journalistic integrity and confirmed that the map is accurate. You run the script, open a browser tab, and use that to view a map frame that you can refresh as Pokémon locations are discovered.


Unfortunately, the Pokémon map is not very easy to use right now. It requires setting up Python on your computer and running it via command lines. There have been some attempts to build easier tools based on this, but those are still pretty buggy. It’s also likely that Niantic will consider this an improper use of its servers, so you should not use your real Pokémon Go account for the mapping tool. Creating a new account for this will keep your real account from getting banned.

Niantic is currently coping with server issues and serious bugs in the game. So, the Pokémon Go-Map project has flown under the radar so far. That probably won’t last forever, though.

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