Shopping with Instagram.. Why not?

Most Instagram users go through some fashion-related accounts looking for items to buy. They have to stop scrolling each time to open browsers and shop and that is really annoying.

It seems like Instagram is testing shoppable photo tags to make it easier for costumers to do their shopping without having to leave the app.  The first trial is gonna be launched for iOS phones in the US. The app will provide costumers with shoppable tags in partnership with more than 20 brands such as JackThreads and many more.
The process will be:

-Finding tagged brands on every product photo, hidden behind a “Tap to view products” button.
-Being lead to a page that provides you with sizes, prices and other details.


The plateform doesn’t plan on earning a cut on every purchase. Instead, it’s planning on making brands pay to make their products’ photos visible for their non-followers. That will definitely make the earnings of the website rise so high.

It’s still not clear if they’ll go for a full in-app purchase, but the first trial will reveal more details and users’ opinions will help improve everything!

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