Sad Satan has terrified and confused the internet

We’re all used to horror games that are known by killing, escaping, hiding and blood…
Imagine receiving an email from an unknown source that invites you to try a horror game, a game from the other side of the web, the side called “Deep Web“.. For sure you’ll be curious and you’ll try the game that’s been sent to you.

Well, first, what’s this “Deep Web”?!
Deep Web is the other face of internet that you can’t enter with a normal browser “Google Chrome” or “Mozilla Firefox”ect… but only with a unique browser like “Tor”..
And it’s a Database that you can’t access easily, where you find many illegal products like drugs and weapons…

Back to the game!
The horror game we talked about earlier is called “Sad Satan”, it’s a PC game built by “Terror Engine”.
This game has no story and no opening, where you’re only in a maze that you’re trying to escape from and you only hear realistic voices taken out of real life victims’ screams while suffering and the main character is unclear and hazy.

Jamie, a youtuber that transferred his experiment in this game(and he’s one of the first players of this game), uploaded a video of his gameplay and he said that he stopped playing this game because of how scary and mysterious it is…

And until this day, nor Jamie or any of the other gamers did understand the meaning of the game or the hidden message of the game’s creature.