Protect yourself from Viruses coming from social media.

In a recent report, we have warned you, dear readers from the huge flow of viruses that’s been taking over the internet lately, and in this article, you’ll discover some efficient ways to keep you safe from all the danger.

Stamp with text internet safety inside, vector illustration
Here’s a couple of things you’ll have to do in order to keep yourself safe:

– Make sure every message you receive is coherent and not suspicious even if it’s sent from somebody that you know very well.
-Protect your devices with an antivirus and make sure to always update it to the latest version.
-Do not download any file you receive until the sender (that you know) assures you about its content
-Don’t open any links even if they don’t seem suspicious.
-Activate your navigator’s pop-up blocker.
-Activate AdBlock Plus for more security.
-Use Clean-up Tool to analyse your navigator.
-Analyse your device with Adw Cleaner .

PS: For more safety, please download all your personal information to an exterior hard drive and keep it in a safe place.

I hope all those tips will be of a good use to you.



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