#LiveFromParis: Indie Games Play.

We keep hearing abou indie films or indie games. But what does indie mean? Indie are technically the games ( or movies as well) that don’t get money from a publisher. Sometimes we think that it influences the quality, but actually it only influences publishing. When we talk about innovation, there’s enough for which the indie studios compete the AAA ones. Of course there is a difficulty in publishing and advertising games, but these studios don’t give up and try hard to prove themselves by innovating even in the marketing strategies. One of these strategies is Guerilla marketing which I knew about in one of the conferences in the Indie Game Play which was held in Paris this week. I also had the chance to try some good games that I’ll list at the end.

Here is the video that I made about this event. Enjoy watching it and i’m waiting for your reactions and critics.

Games I tried in Indie Games Play: