INTERVIEW with Mr. Adel Ghouma from G2A.COM

There were a lot of famous people present as speakers during Tunisia Game Awards: People who occupied important positions in the gaming and game development world.
Some of them were gamers and some others were developers, but this one was very special guest. He’s named Adel Ghouma, the “MENA” Regional Manager at .

We’ve had the honor to meet this man so we’ve asked him some questions and got answers.
We thought of what you might wanna ask him, thus we all are gamers in this community, and here’s what we’ve got: is rated as the fastest growing digital gaming marketplace which allows legal shipment. It offers over 45.000 digital gaming products, sold by over 250.000 sellers so everybody can buy and sell games as much as they want.

G2A has created a multi-purpose platform and sustainable ecosystem which includes: VR projects. 3D printing. G2A Pay. G2A Shield and G2A Direct.

Here is an iterview with Mr. Adel Ghouma:

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