GTA Online’s low price-tags on amazing items!

Ever since GTA Online was first released, costumers have been bragging about the fact that almost all the needed items are at high price-tags and buying them would require that the users spend at least 30 million dollars (virtual GTA money of course) on the game. That was really a bothersome fact about GTA.. A fact that has gotten rid of with the last update.


Rockstar had decided to lower all price-tags for GTA Online items so that players get equal chances of playing the game “comfortably“.


The difference right after the latest update is pretty obvious, since even expensive vehicules are being sold at rediculous prices. Weapons, cars, and a lot of other stuff are now being sold for “no cost at all”, which is really as suitable for broke players as it is for rich ones!


If you haven’t tried it yet, now is your chance to obtain some crazy stuff and experience the joy it brings !



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