Google’s new challenge! $200,000 to hack the Nexus 6P and 5X


Google has announced a new competition on 13/9/2016, and it’s special one actually because it’s meant to find a set of security holes in its products (Nexus 6p , Nexus 5X ). The deadline of the competition is set for 14 mars 2017 .
Also, they present some big cash prizes at a maximum of  $200,000 and down to $50,000 for the

and to make sure to increase the difficulty of this competition google company won’t give the competitor any information except the phone number and e-mail registered in the smartphones. It is focused on the need of using an sms or a message on the Gmail Service in the hack process , in addition to the fact that the hack must be from the same security gap in both devices.

After the ending of the competition, the winners will write detailed technical reports on their findings and it will be published on the blog of Google’s own competition.