Efrag talks about Tunisian eSports players

Yes, ladies and gentlemen ! Seems like Tunisia is earning more and more attention and respect as the days go by. Today, tunisian gamers are making the world talk about them and about their country, as their success in the gaming world has led Efrag to publish a video on Youtube, introducing our very beautiful country and mentionning our E-sports addicts’ achievements when it comes to competition in a variety of videogames.


Let me tell you a couple of things about Efrag before we get going:
The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group is an international association that’s interrested in promoting Europpean events such as CS Go championship tournaments.

They have actually tweeted about the tunisian group that will be participating in 2k16’s CS Go Championships, and here’s a link if you want to read :
Efrag tweets about Tunisian gamers

These news are a huge proof that tunisian youth is on the right way, that we’ll be conquering the world if we keep on working and focusing on our passions.



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