A 15 year-old Tunisian boy created his own videogame.

Lately, a new indie game called Sonic.EXE: The Assault has been launched for free on GameJolt , and it appears that its developper is a 15-year-old young tunisian man called Seif “Islem Messaoudi.



This little guy has been a gamer almost all his life as he claims, and he has been a huge fan of Sonic The Hedgehog since childhood. He has decided to enter the 3D world 2 years ago through trying some animations in the software “Source FilmMaker“, then hejumped into the game development this year with the “Unity 5 Engine”.

The game is a 3D FPS CreepyPasta Fan Game that brings the well-known “Sonic.EXE” creepypasta in a brand new concept. Here’s an explaination to what was just said :


The whole story has been turned into a game by our little tunisian genuis.
Here’s a link to the demo if you haven’t already played it : Sonic.EXE The Assault

I know it’s crazy how a young teenager could go that far in the game development, and I also know for a fact that this guy and plenty of other people who tend to follow the same path as him will change a lot of things in our country.

Those were some great information about our young hero whom I believe will have a very bright future if he carries on with innovation in this domain. We hope to here more about him soon, and for those of you who still haven’t tried the game yet, the link is up above. Enjoy.



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