10 Useful Websites #01

This one is a series that will hook you up with very useful websites for various kinds of use, and we’ll be keeping you updated with 10 different plateforms every now and then.

I think we all struggle on a daily basis with websites, not knowing which ones are better than the others when it comes to doing some work or even doing a simple research on the net. That’s when TGTV saves your butts and hooks you up with the best and most useful websites ever.

1- Zero Dollar Movies:


If you are a digger for full length and best quality movies, this website is what you need. It provides you with more than 15,000 HD movies on Youtube in multiple languages, in addition to the fact that it takes away trailers from your search results-list and lets you watch at ease, with a clear interface.


2- Fax Zero:


This plateform allows you to send faxes to Canada and the US for free. Plus it gives you the opportunity to send faxes to countries outside North America for a certain amount of money per use.


3- Snopes:


If you want to know truth behind every rumour and every folkloric tale you hear, then this site is just what you need. Go ahead and check it ! www.snopes.com


4- Trello:


This one will help you organize whatever it is that needs to be organized using the Kanban style cards. It’s a great project manager with awesome graphic interface.


5- Memrise:


It’s a free, easy to use website for those of you who seek knowledge through the simplest and cutest of ways. It’s a site with a gaming interface and methods to make learning easier and more fun.


6- Instructables:


Okay, now this one right here is like a manual that’s full of instructions for whatever you need to create, build or repair. But that’s not all, folks ! This website allows you to share your creative thoughts and already made stuff, so wait no more ! Go ahead and try it!

7- ScribbleMaps:


For those of you who wish to mark their markets or whatever kind of project that needs to be located but Google Maps does not allow them, this website is about all you’ll need to create your own maps or to mark the locations you want on maps that alread exist.


8- Skyskanner:


Skyscanner is a plateform that will hook you up with comparison between airlines when looking for a flight to any destination. It also provides hotel prices and availability, as well as car hire and all travel-related stuff.


9- Fitday:


Fit Day will help you out with your diet and keep you informed about the amount and quality of food and exercice that you need on a daily basis, so if you’re willing to take care of your health, this website is what you’ve been looking for !


10- Kiva:


Kiva is all about micro-finance. It connects people with money to lend with people who are in need of loans, with small amounts and efficient ways of payment.


I hope that all these suggested website will come handy to all of you, and we’re open for suggestions for the next article so please leave a comment below and tell us what you want so that we can hook you up with what you need.





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